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Police Reports 11/17

Photo by Lauren Winther

Student leaves wallet in car, cash and credit cards stolen

At 4:47 p.m. Nov. 16, a report of a theft from a student’s vehicle was sent to the Grand Rapids Community College Police Department.

When the officer arrived to the front lobby of GRCCPD, she met with the student who reported the theft and said she left her wallet in her parked car at 6:50 a.m. on level two of Lyon Street ramp.

She explained that she was in a hurry to get to work at Spectrum Hospital and she left her wallet in the center console of her car that was unlocked. She said she discovered her wallet missing when she returned from the hospital and immediately called GRCCPD to report the theft.

The student said there was $60 cash in the wallet, seven to eight credit cards and her RaiderCard and other forms of identification.

The officer told the student to put all of her credit cards on hold, and she asked if the wallet could be anywhere else. The student explained she was the only one to know where her wallet was at the time and that it was indeed stolen.

The officer gave the student her information and told her to call if she found her wallet later that day or in the near future.


GRCC student physically threatens another student outside Fountain Street church after he hugs his kid

On Nov. 4, a GRCC student came into the GRCCPD to report a threat of physical violence towards him.

The student explained that at approximately noon Oct. 31, he was smoking on the street outside of Fountain Street Church when another student he knew brought her two year old son to the “Smokers corner.” The child starting hugging the people there and soon approached him for a hug.

He asked the mother if he could hug her child back. She said it was okay and so he gave the child a hug and called him cute.

He then interrupted the story to the officer and wanted to make it clear that he was openly gay.

He continued on by saying the fiance of the mother, a student as well, approached him at approximately noon on Nov. 3 and asked him if he could talk to him for a second. The fiance started to talk with the student then the fiance threatened to slit the man’s throat if he ever touched his kid again.

He then told the fiance he hadn’t done anything wrong and just gave his kid a hug. The fiance told the student to leave the area. The student didn’t want any trouble and so he left walking northbound on Bostwick. He reported to police that he was followed by the fiance and two other men who were harassing him and saying he was a pedophile and he needed to stay away.

GRCC Police investigated the incident, and found one of the men that followed the student on Nov. 3. He couldn’t identify the fiance, but said to the officer that no threats were made from the fiance to the student.

The officer proceeded to tell the student he would be closing the report, but if he figured out who the suspect is, to contact him at the GRCCPD.


  1. Hold on, so a grcc student allegedly threatens to kill another because he’s gay and campus police CLOSE THE REPORT? That’s majorly upsetting. Why isn’t the threat of a hate crime being taken more seriously?


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