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Police Reports 12/9

Photo by Lauren Winther

Man is disruptive and arrested outside Bostwick Commons

At 12:58 p.m. Dec. 5, a report was made to the Grand Rapids Community College Police Department about a man harassing people by Bostwick Commons and being “loud.”

An officer responded to the scene and found the man who was wearing grey sweatpants and a red and white jacket.

The officer approached the man and asked him if he was a student and the man immediately began to yell at the police officer asking why he wanted to know. The officer started to explain to the man that the GRCCPD had received complaint calls about him harassing people and the man became more agitated and started to walk away.

The officer then stepped in front of the man and told him he couldn’t leave without showing him his ID. The man said, “I don’t have to give you b*tches anything,” and tried to leave again.

The officer then grabbed the man by the arm and told him he had to show him some sort of identification.

“Don’t put your hands on me,” said the man as the officer grabbed him and as this is happening, the officer noticed the man had his left hand in his pocket and he couldn’t make out exactly what it was.

The officer pulled out the man’s hand from his pocket and told him to keep his hands where he could see them.

A large crowd started to gather where the events were taking place with multiple people filming the incident on their phones.

At that time, the man screamed “You n—– ain’t got no reason to stop me,” and the officer asked the man one more time for his ID before the man said “I already gave my papers to y’all b*tches.”

He proceeded to walk away from the officer, so the officer and another officer who had responded to the scene later grabbed the man by his wrists, placed them behind his back and put him in handcuffs.

Once the man was at GRCCPD, he calmed down and the officers were able to talk with the man. They determined he had just taken a placement test at the GRCC Enrollment Center. They were able to identify he was from Mel Trotter by his address on his ID.

The man explained he was upset and rambunctious because of hate and how everyone keeps “hating on him.”

The officers told him they had responded to the incident because of complaints that he was asking some girls for their phone numbers. The officers asked him if he had been harassing them and he said everyone was hating on him because he was black.

He apologized to the officers for acting like he did and said that’s just how he had to react around police. The officers explained to the man that if he would return to GRCC’s campus, he couldn’t act the way he did, or he would most likely be arrested.

The officers issued him a verbal warning for not identifying himself with police. The man was then released.

Argument breaks out in the Ford Fieldhouse, police respond to the scene

At 7:32 p.m. Dec. 7, a dispute between a female, her ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend broke out inside the fieldhouse and a GRCCPD officer was called to help with the situation.

When the officer arrived, there was one girl trying to calm down another girl on the north side of the main level of the building.

The girl who was trying to calm down was identified and said she was involved in a dispute with her ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend.

She said her ex-boyfriend had sent her a Facebook message earlier that day saying he was going to be at the GRCC men’s basketball game that night.

Before the officer had responded to the scene, she said the ex-boyfriend had “got up in her face,” and that was what ignited the argument.

The officer talked with the other girl who had intervened and she said if she hadn’t of gotten in between the two, a physical altercation would’ve taken place.

The ex-boyfriend had fled the scene when he learned about GRCC police presence, and a GRCC police officer had tried to pursue him by foot, but was unsuccessful in trying to stop him and talk to him.

On Dec. 8, the next day, the ex-boyfriend called the GRCCPD and talked with the officer about his actions and that he was sorry he ran, but said he was afraid of police. He also said it was his ex-girlfriend who had sent the Facebook message and had initiated the argument at the fieldhouse. He said he was going to try and avoid her from now on.

The officers told him that was a good idea and that the next time police need to talk with him for whatever reason, he should stop and do so.