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Student clubs host Club Day at GRCC

Club Day at GRCC

By Kevin Matienzo – Collegiate Staff

Club Day is a great event for students at GRCC to get to know about the clubs and organizations on campus. There were about nine clubs and organizations that participated in this event. Not only clubs participate in this event but students can also get a chance to get information about Fast Track, student resources, the Lake Michigan Credit Union bank that is on campus, and more.

One of the clubs on campus is the Hispanic Student Organization.

“We just want to have a sense of belonging for the Latino students and also give them resources in college to be successful,” said Jacqueline Lopez, Vice President of HSO, 20, of Grand Rapids.

“You don’t even have to be hispanic. Anyone can join. We are like a family.”

A very well known organization is the Campus Activities Board.

CAB is a club for students who plan all the activities on campus at GRCC.

“It’s been a lot of fun, you make a lot of friends, and you have a lot of fun planning the events,” said Ruben Resendiz, President of CAB, 20, of Manistee.

Phi Theta Kapa member Morgan Brown.
Phi Theta Kapa member Morgan Brown. Nathan Bidwell | The Collegiate Live

Aside from the Hispanic Student Organization, there is also the International Student Organization.

“We have people from all across the globe,” said Arvinder Singh, member of International Student Organization, 20, of India. “We socialize and have presentations on different countries.”

Singh said the club is open to all students.

“I would recommend everyone to be a part of this club even if you’re not an international student because being someone who belongs to this country, we international students need your opinions and your perspectives so that we can adapt and also transition into the U.S. culture even further,” Singh said.

Students looking to discuss and practice their faith may be interested in joining Interversity, one of the Christian groups on campus.

“We try to gather up people who say they believe in Jesus and say what does it look like to put that belief in practice,” said Intervarsity member Chris Vanderzee, 27, from Grand Rapids. “We also gather people who don’t believe in Jesus but are interested.”

Hannah Sommer, 19, of Cedar Springs, in also an Intervarsity member.

“I’ve really been able to explore leadership opportunities and challenge other people because I come from a stable background,” she said.

Overall, Club Day is beneficial for students are looking to get involved in any organization on campus or if they want more information about what is offered as far as opportunities they can get.

Brody Terry, 18,of Owosso, said Tuesday’s Club Day was beneficial.

“I actually love network events because it’s a chance to meet the groups around campus,” Terry said. “I love seeing the Fast Track because that’s the reason why people come here, is to check out opportunities.”

Likewise, Tin Nguyen, 27, of Grand Rapids, found the financial information helpful.

“I looked at the Financial Aid booth and it’s beneficial to me because I was asking about loans and scholarships that I was interested in,” said Nguyen“Events bring me here a little bit more. I actually appreciate something like this.”

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