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GRCC players put on moving performance of “Facing Our Truth”


By Rachael Yadlowsky – Collegiate Staff

Grand Rapids Community College is showing a series of 10 minute plays about Trayvon Martin, race and privilege called “Facing Our Truth.”

This power performance features six different skits portraying the many conflicts can happen because of race.

The opening scene starts off the show with a couple fighting over a crime they saw. The scene ends with the man being mistaken for the criminal by police and arrested.

Later on, a skit about privilege is performed, but instead of using race, the characters are all dressed in different colors. A pink, red and yellow man performed in a street show and harassed others of different colors for money. The men were privileged and thought they could harass those who are not privileged.

“I hope that the audience understands that we all have our own baggage, our own things,” said Director Sammy Publes. “If we all practice a little empathy, we can understand each other.”

The performance ends with a powerful skit that shows a woman that was scared of black men. She goes through a treatment to “walk in someone else’s shoes.”

“The most important thing about this play is to drive the message home,” said actor Anthony Snead. “To tell these stories and get to the audience.”

The actors in the performance portray all different kinds of characters. In one skit, a man might be arrested because of his race and in the next skit, he might be a privileged student.

“We’re a family now,” said actor Michael Francis. “And not only do we get to have fun on stage, we get to present an actual message that is going to impact people.”

The performance is showing Jan. 26-28 and again on Feb. 2-4 at 8 p.m. in lab room 201 at the Spectrum Theater on the GRCC campus.


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