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CAB hosts build a bear event

Elizibeth Dekoster, 20 and Jacob Carpenter, 20 both agree the Valentines day may be over hyped but showing love to others is a nice gesture.

By Joseph Hileski – Collegiate Staff

Approximately 180 students were able to make a stuffed animal for their loved ones and get an engraved ring at Thursday’s Valentine’s Day event.

The “Stuff-a-Plush” event was hosted by Campus Activities Board.

“If we’re going to dedicate a day to express love, then that’s what Valentine’s day is all about,” said CAB President Ruben Resendiz.

“Once a year (on Valentine’s Day) it’s a good time to show some love,” said James Lang, 26, who made a stuffed dog for his girlfriend.

“Valentine’s day is a pleasant holiday to celebrate with loved ones,” said Alannah Elliott, 20, who was making a “Stuff-a-Plush” for herself .
“Valentine’s day isn’t all about materialism,”said Jordan Velthose, 23, who was making a stuffed penguin for his girlfriend. “It’s more of a symbolic way to show love.”

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