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Student Alliance tables OrgSync discussion for next meeting

Student Alliance leaders Jose Garcia and Kyezie Bwanangela present the OrgSync allocation request to the group.

An allocation request to add more portals to OrgSync for student use was tabled until the next meeting at Grand Rapids Community College’s last Student Alliance meeting.

The request was for $2,833, and the portals would be used for more student clubs and organizations on OrgSync. It costs $2,000 per year to add portals to OrgSync. Any leftover money would be added back to the extra allocation funds.

Several students at the meeting brought up some concerns they had for how the funds were going to be used. Some felt that the funds weren’t necessary, and that Student Alliance could instead go through the accounts on OrgSync and remove ones for clubs that are currently inactive in order to make room for those that are active. Others questioned whether or not student clubs would even be interested in using OrgSync, and wanted more information on the website itself.

“I think that moving forward, we need more of that,” Student Alliance president Jose Garcia said after the meeting. “We need people to challenge what the money is being used for. I really appreciate that everyone was getting more involved.”

The voting for this allocation was cancelled, and was motioned to be tabled until the next meeting.

Next, Campus Activities Board Vice President Theresa Tran presented two allocation requests to the group. The first was for $2,900, and the second for $4,001.56. Both were totals that CAB did not use during Winter 2017 Welcome Week, and CAB requested to have the amount of money returned to the club for later use on another event, since they did not use all of their funds during Winter Welcome Week 2017.

A request for the Foreign Affairs club was brought up, but cancelled due to members being unable to attend.

Students were then given the opportunity to vote. Both CAB requests were approved.

Garcia adjourned the meeting early to give student club leaders time to go film their portions for the Student Leadership Banquet video. The video gives students a chance to say how being part of a club at GRCC has impacted their life, and what life is like at GRCC overall. The banquet is at 6:30-8pm on Weds. April 5, at Grand Valley State University’s Pew Campus on the second floor of the L.V. Eberhard Center.

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