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GRCC will offer new sports management class fall 2017

The teacher of the new sports management class next fall, Melanie Schiele-Gady.

By Jesus Sanchez-Lima – Collegiate Staff

Grand Rapids Community College will be offering a new Sports Management 101 class in the exercise science department next fall.  

The class will be taught by Melanie Schiele-Gady, who has been teaching full-time at GRCC for 19 years.

Schiele-Gady said the class will be designed for students who are wanting to go into athletic training, recreation management, fitness management, and athletic directors.

Schiele-Gady’s aim is to provide a foundation and overview of sports industries, liability, and the different cultural/ethical point of views they’ll have to consider when they get to an administrative position. She is also looking to add in some historical background of sports.

This class will not only be on campus, but also online. It will be a lecture-based course and hands-on as well.  

For example, students will have to go out and meet with a sports director. They’ll have to ask them questions about their gym, make sure the school is in compliance with their locker rooms, and will have a checklist to go through. By doing this, they will get an idea of what is expected.

There will be guest speakers visiting to talk about job opportunities available online and on campus. For the online classes, the students will have to look at different websites and see why it is marketable, and how it attracts people to the website. They will be studying the technological side of administration and ethical dilemma.

The class will also have eight foundational questions that should be considered when making harsh decisions.

If the students feel a little uneasy or not quite understanding the topic on hand, Professor Grady will be there to help those struggling.

“Not just for myself as an instructor, but as GRCC in general,” Schiele-Gady said. “If you talk to the professors around campus, we are here to help students be successful.”

Schiele-Gady said the hardest part about teaching for her is the diversity of students, as in you don’t know what they know or don’t. They all have different education backgrounds, cultural views, and personal life. She also says that you want to make a difference and it’s not like “Did you get this information?” but “Did you get this? Do you know how to be part of this community/field?”

The type of students expected to enroll are mostly the foundation of exercise science majors, clinical health and fitness instructors, sports management, and athletic administrators, and recreational managers.

Despite the class being about sports, Schiele-Gady hopes to see more of the business majors enrolling for the class. It could give them another look on how their major works into the sports area.

“The class is really a structure of business” Schiele-Gady said. “Although, I’ll love to see those who are generally interested in the class.”


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