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Police Reports 3/16


Man sleeping near business lab, arrested for warrant on failure to appear in court

At 4:43 p.m. March 8 a Grand Rapids Community College police officer was sent to the second floor of Cook Hall to check on a man sleeping in a chair near the business lab.

The man was awakened by the officer and was asked if he was a student. He said he was “kinda” a student. The officer asked for the man’s ID and told him that if he’s not a student, or on campus to take steps to become a student, he’s not allowed on campus.

The man’s information was given to the officer which came back with a warrant for his failure to appear in court in order to determine if there was enough evidence to proceed with a case against him for consuming alcohol in public.

He was handcuffed, searched and brought to the GRCC Police Department where his possessions were stored. He was then brought to Kent County Jail and lodged without incident.

Man pulled over for driving wrong way on one way street, issued a citation and verbal warning

At 10:06 a.m. March 7 a GRCC police officer was on mobile patrol when she noticed a driver of their vehicle going the wrong way on Fountain street.

The driver pulled into the loading dock of Spectrum Theatre and she conducted a traffic stop. She identified the driver and ran his information and found his license was suspended.

The driver told the officer he had a letter from court to repeal the suspension, but he didn’t have it with him. She issued him a citation and verbal warning for driving the wrong way.

She told him that if he could get her the letter, or have the court call her that day, she would put a void on the citation.


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