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Police Reports 3/2

Campus police headquarters, located at 25 Lyon St. Grand Rapids, Michigan. (The Collegiate)

Possible break in of student’s locker, nothing stolen

At 9:40 a.m. Feb. 27, a Grand Rapids Community College student called GRCC Student Services about her locker being broken into. GRCC Student Services called the GRCC Police Department to send an officer to help the student.

When the officer arrived, he determined that nothing was stolen from the student’s locker. He asked the student about the situation and she explained that she had noticed a possible homeless person sleeping in the locker room on multiple previous occasions. She said she didn’t do anything about it because she felt bad that he was homeless and didn’t want him to sleep outside with the cold temperatures. The locker room is a coed art student locker room that students use to only store belongings of theirs.

After she came in that morning and found her locker unlocked and opened, she said she thinks he might’ve watched her perform her combination, or overheard her say her combination and broken into the locker to see what he could take.

The description the student gave to the officer matched that of an incident with a male who was found sleeping on Jan. 26 on the fourth floor of Main Building.

The student was issued a new lock for her locker with no further investigation to take place.


Student struggles to breath, taken to Spectrum Hospital

At 11:27 p.m. March 1, a GRCC police officer was sent to the GRCC Music Department to help a student who was having trouble breathing.

When the officer arrived, the officer immediately noticed her slouched in a chair, very pale with red blotches over her face and neck, but she was awake and alert when he arrived.

He asked the student a few questions about what was happening and she was able to tell him she had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. She explained the arthritis had somehow spread to her lungs and was causing her to have trouble breathing.

Fire personnel and paramedics were called to further handle the situation. The student was placed on oxygen and put on a stretcher to be transported to Spectrum Hospital. It was later reported to GRCCPD that the student’s sister arrived to the hospital to further explain her medical conditions and the medications she was taking.

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