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Trump supporters gather to support the president

Signs with Trumps campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" dotted Calder Plaza

By Rachael Yadlowsky – Collegiate Staff.

Trump supporters came together at Calder Plaza in Downtown Grand Rapids to support the president on Saturday March 3rd.

The march was started over Facebook and the number of followers grew to almost 400 followers. The Organizer and the Kent Country Trump Chairwoman, Audra Lemons rented out the space on Calder Plaza. There was an estimated 250 at the rally.

Around the small plaza a group of armed Liberty Militia stood, keeping an eye out for Trump protesters that might have come to stir trouble after their own march just a few blocks away at Rosa Parks Circle.

“I want people to know that we aren’t taking sides in either march,” said Commander Michael Jenkins. “We are here to take the constitution seriously and provide people with their rights and keep everyone safe.”

“We don’t want any trouble or fights,” Lemons said. “We just want to peacefully rally here just like the anti-Trump marchers are doing.”

The announcer of the rally, Michael Farage, started off the event with a moment of silence and by leading the supporters in the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem.

Although most protestors and speakers were cold, they were still very excited to be there supporting the Trump administration and each other.

As the rally continued, Farage introduced many speakers and cracked numerous jokes to keep the mood light. The speakers ranged from college students who have started their own support groups to elected members of the Michigan GOP. They all shared their stories on why they voted for Trump and why they think he makes a good president.

Kendall Kirkland, who created a Trump support group at Ferris State University spoke at the rally.

“Since his inauguration, I believe that people are seeing conservatives as we are and not the racists, bigots and all of the other things that the make us out to be.”

Karen Machiorlatti.
Karen Machiorlatti. Nathan Bidwell - Photo Editor

“I’m at this march because I want to support my president,” said Karen Machiorletti. “We have just been through eight years of being pushed under the rug and he is going to do exactly what he said he was going to do and make America great again.”

Dave Magima was another speaker at the rally.

“Trump stood up during his campaign and is doing what he said he would do and is trying to keep us safe,” said Magima “even heaven has gates.”

During the rally, a few Trump protesters showed up at the rally and spoke about the budget cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency and the raise in taxes that Trump approves of. The militia directed them off of the property while some Trump supporters rushed to shout at the protesters.

“I’m here to stand with our president,” Darlene Clark said. “If the protesters want to protest then that’s fine. As long as they are peaceful and don’t try to ruin anything for us it’s fine with me.”