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Police Reports 4/6


Employee mistaken as suspect of B&E from Fountain Street Church parking lot

At 4:11 p.m. April 4, a Grand Rapids Community College police officer was out on bike patrol when they noticed a man exit Fountain Street Church and stand in between two cars in the parking lot for a couple of minutes. The man then went back into the church and the GRCC officer notified dispatch and another officer of the situation.

A few seconds after the officer notified the parties, the man came back out of Fountain Street church, returning to the same area and getting into a car.

There has been two reported vehicles stolen from Fountain Street church parking lot involving individuals stealing keys from the coat room and using them to enter vehicles parked in the parking lot. There is currently an ongoing investigation of a stolen vehicle from Fountain Street Church where the suspect is similar to this man.

The officers approached the man and explained to him there have been break-ins occurring in the Fountain Street Church parking lot. They said they witnessed him going to and from the church and standing by the cars.

The man said that his actions did seem odd, but explained that he worked as a custodian for the church. He was identified as part of Grand Rapids Business Services custodian staff that was employed by Fountain Street Church.

He gave the officers proper identification and registration and insurance for the car he entered.

The interaction with the man is now closed with GRCCPD no longer investigating this incident.