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Phase two of the reconstruction project for Bostwick Ramp


By Arielle Jackson- Collegiate Staff


This summer parts of Bostwick Ramp will be closed off due to construction during the second part of a three-phase reconstruction project.

The reconstruction will be ongoing until the first week of August before the start of the fall semester. Although many parts will be closed off, individuals will still be able to use the ramp.

Phase two of the three phases will cost approximately $1.5 million according to Lisa Freiburger, VP of Finance and Administration at Grand Rapids Community College.

“This project will include repairs to the entire structure as well as the connecting bridges and walkways,” Freiburger said.

Phase two renovations will include deck repairs and coating, beam and column repairs, replacement of coiling gates, replacing expansion joints, rout and seal cracks, bridge repairs and deck coating.

Freiburger says that the new renovations should not affect students attending this summer. “There will be approximately 1,000 spaces available” Freiburger said. There are 827 for students and 239 for staff, including  accessible parking

The final phase of the renovation will start in May of 2018.