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‘Addams Family’ Opens At Circle Theater

Courtesy Art By Circle Theatre

The Circle Theater at Aquinas College kicks off it’s 56th season tonight with the “Adams Family”.

The show is rated PG and includes some strong language and sexual innuendo.

The story takes the audience on a musical comedic adventure with the original Addams Family characters.

In the performance,Wednesday Adams grows up too fast (“She’ll be Thursday before she knows it.”) and falls in love with a boy who’s too normal for her family’s taste. She tries to whip them into appearing as a normal suburban family to impress her lover’s parents and to get their blessing.

“I would recommend it if you are someone who likes anything kooky, and spooky, or anything of the sort,” said Jacob Norman, who plays, Lurch, the families faithful butler. “Come on down. It’s not your normal broadway play off show.”

The show opens tonight, and runs until May 20 with shows starting at 7:30 p.m.. Tickets are $27 for general admission and available on Circle Theater’s web page.