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Police Reports 5/17

Campus police headquarters, located at 25 Lyon St. Grand Rapids, Michigan. (The Collegiate)

Vehicle runs over GRCC  Reserved Parking Sign at Spectrum Theater parking lot

On Friday May 5 at 6:20 p.m., a police officer was dispatched to the Spectrum Theater reserved parking lot about a vehicle that hit a Grand Rapids Community College sign.

When the officer arrived they saw a Silver Mazda on the northwest side of the parking lot that was backed up over the curb of the lot. A GRCC Reserved Parking Sign was underneath the rear bumper of the vehicle on the ground.

The police officer noticed two small marks that were hard to see in the middle of the bumper where the vehicle had hit the sign. The vehicle and the sign were not damaged. The force from the vehicle hitting the sign pulled it up from the ground.

At 7:50 p.m., the driver of the vehicle called the GRCC Police Department reporting the incident and was asked for an interview about the incident.

The driver to the police he had parked his vehicle at 6 p.m. on the northeast side of the parking lot. The driver returned to his vehicle at 7:40 p.m. and noticed it was on the northwest side of the parking lot.

He saw that the parking sign was on the ground under his vehicle. He then checked his vehicle and saw that the vehicle was out of gear and that his parking brake was not set. He thought that he left his vehicle in park, but the vehicle must of have rolled backwards shortly after he parked it and he did not see it. There was no action taken against him for the accident.