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Snapchat Map Confirms Everyone Is Hanging Out Without You


June 22 2017, Snapchat released it’s newest addition to it’s story features. Now you can see where any of your friends are thanks to it’s new map feature. This map can show you your friend’s stories, or event stories from around the world. Many critics are calling this a large breach in privacy and safety.

But who cares about that when ALL MY FRIENDS ARE HANGING OUT WITHOUT ME! There is no way to hide that you’re “busy” or you “have to attend jury duty” anymore, Karen. ‘Cause unless the trial is being held at Rachel’s house and went on until 1:30 in the morning, I’m having doubts.

Many parents consider this a good tool in some cases however. The Snapchat map feature can help keep an eye on your kids, and can make sure they aren’t up to too much trouble. If your kid gets lost, or in a situation they wanna get out of, the map feature can easily locate them.

But I don’t care about that. Everyone is at the concert I wanted to go to. I asked everyone and they told me they were busy. Yeah, busy going to the concert while I watch “Mad Men” alone. Now even their Bitmojis are having more fun than me.

The Snapchat map feature is still picking up controversy. If you do not wish to be tracked, Snapchat offers a ghost feature. This way you can go undetected whenever someone turns on the map feature.

I’m just gonna wait for the Snapchat update where it gives me better friends.

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