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Vandalism to Vehicle


On Friday June 16, at approximately 3:48 p.m., an GRCC police officer was dispatched to Bostwick Ramp for a student whose vehicle was smeared with peanut butter while he was attending class.

One of the officers contacted the victim who said that he arrived on campus at approximately 7 a.m.,and discovered the peanut butter that was put on his vehicle at 3:20.

The victim stated that he did not have any friends who would commit this type of prank, and did not know anyone who would do something this maliciously.

When an officer was shown the vehicle the victim had wiped most of the peanut butter off. He stated that most of the peanut butter was applied to the windshield of the vehicle. There was no permanent damage but some of the peanut butter was still left on the vehicle.


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