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Stop What You’re Doing & Go Watch Baby Driver


Baby Driver is the latest fast pace, chase movie of the 2017 summer season. The film features the return of director Edgar Wright.

Edgar Wright, has created many hit cult movies over the years. The famous Cornetto Trilogy starring Simon Pegg (“Shaun of the Dead”, “Hot Fuzz”, “World’s End”), as well as the faithful comic adaptation of “Scott Pilgrim” Vs. The World, starring Michael Cera. Many critics consider his style to be extremely funny, and sharply edited to create extremely witty movies. Now the famous director returns with a full on action heist movie, “Baby Driver”.

This movie centers around a getaway driver named “Baby”. He has a score to settle with Kevin Spacey’s character “Doc”. Baby preforms heists for Doc’s crew to pay off his debt.

The movie opens with a subtle beginning, but certainly one that’ll put a smile on your face and assure you that you’re in safe hands for the next two hours.

This is not your regular action flick, quickly after the opening, the engine turns on and the chase begins. This movie has a strong heart for music and the action, and blocking will always sync up to what is going on screen. A very clever move that couldn’t make me stop grinning on how clever this movie was. If you’re not an action movie fan, rest assured this movie provides creative blood pulsing scenes. At one point, I leaned to my friend saying: “I’ve never been out of breath watching a movie before.” You’ll be at the edge of your seat.

What stands out the most in this movie besides the razor sharp editing, and music scenes, are the characters. It’s a dirty crime world, and each one of these freaks are only out for themselves. Making things rough for our protagonist “Baby” who wants out. These characters aren’t unlikeable, but are saved by the sheer charisma of the actors, and the clever dialogue by Edgar. Making each one of them stand out for a unique performance.

If you have seen Wright’s previous work you’ll no doubt be a huge fan of this flick. If you are unsure what the words “Shaun of the Dead” mean, I still highly recommend this movie. It’s a non-stop, heartfelt, well-written, funny movie that stands out from previous entries this year. I rate it  10 out of  10 Cornettos. (Ask your nerd friend what that means.)

Baby Driver stars Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, and Lily James and can be seen in theaters now.