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How to Strategically go Through College

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Being a college student can be stressful and many students do not know the resources provided by Grand Rapids Community College and what tips to use to be successful throughout college. Here are a few ways students can improve their academics and become less stressed:

1. Manage Your Time – Being able to manage your time and write down important dates for your classes and personal life in a planner helps you remember and maintain focus. This will also allow you to get ahead on assignments and avoid turning  in work late.

2. Carpool or free parking- By carpooling or finding a spot by school to park for free can save you more money than you might think. Although finding a spot to park for free is hard there are several locations near campus where students can park.Students can utilize the free parking along the southeast of college street and students who have classes after 5 p.m. can park for free at a parking meter

3. Say “no” to eating out- Expenses from eating out with friends throughout the week can really sneak up on you and break the bank. Instead, you  could buy food at the beginning of the week and select items to make a meal plan for each day. Some of the stores that offer good deals on food are Meijer, Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club for those who like to buy in bulk.

4. Pack a lunch- Buying food from the school’s Raider Grille or Subway can be costly. Preparing lunches or packing a few extra snacks for each day can save students a lot of money instead of spending close to $50 for the week at Subway. Pack a sandwich with a apple or orange with plenty of water to have a balanced and nutritious meal.  

5. Use My Degree Path- Many students struggle to know what classes they have left to take to finish their degree. To help those students, there has been a program call My Degree Path for GRCC students. Utilizing My Degree Path can assist students who are pursuing a degree at GRCC and want to ensure that the classes they are taking will fulfill their graduation requirements. . Students can find this when they log into their Online Student Center.

6. Use College Resources-  GRCC has many resources students can use. There are several academic resource labs student can use throughout the campus for tutoring. Focusing on the four main subjects, math, English, science, and reading. There are also labs for health and business programs. Some of the other resources students can use is the Counseling and Career center located at on the third floor of the Student Community Center. At the counseling center students can talk to an advisor about their classes and get advice about their education.

7. Studying and going to class- For best results, study and go to class. At GRCC there are several locations where students can study in between classes, including the library, study rooms throughout the Main Campus, the Science Building and Sneden Hall. Visit your professors during office hours to ask questions and get clarification on information provided in class. Office hours and office locations are included on the course syllabus.