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Study Away trips this Summer


This summer Grand Rapids Community College will host two Study Away trips. For the first trip the humanities Global Studies through International Travel class will be traveling to Morocco. The second trip will be to Costa Rica for the Population Health and Education Concepts classes for the nursing program.

Students who are interested in the Study Away to Costa Rica and can apply starting August 1. There are several requirements and regulations applicants must look at before they are eligible.

The program fees cost around $3,000 to cover airfare, transportation, housing, some of the meals, tours and a criminal background check. The program fees do not include transportation from the U.S. airport, tuition ($183/ contact hour), some of the meals, tour guide compensation, passport and personal expenses.  The estimated total expenses for the Costa Rica trip will be approximately, $4,500.

Students who are eligible may be able to use financial aid to finance their Study Away trips.