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Floyd Mayweather defeats Conor McGregor by TKO in 10th Round

McGregor defeated by Mayweather. (Photo courtesy of MCT Campus)

The Super Welterweight 12-round special event between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and the “Notorious” Conor McGregor at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas was tabbed as one of the most hyped up fights in recent memory.

The first round lived up to the hype.

McGregor came out firing on all cylinders in the first two rounds, dealing Mayweather blows that seemed to slow him down. McGregor used his length to his advantage to jab Mayweather to try to slowly disorient him.

The third round saw McGregor slowly begin to fatigue and the start of what looked to be dirty fighting, mainly his instinctual MMA/UFC style of grappling and hammer punches. Mayweather, usually a defensive fighter, picked up the offense in response to McGregor’s fatigue.

Mayweather continued to pick up the offensive in the fourth and fifth rounds as McGregor’s fatigue worsened. Throwing combination moves and body blows, then allowing McGregor to fire shots, which continued to tire out the Irishman.

Intensity picked up in the sixth and seventh rounds, McGregor seemed to attempt to catch a second wind, but Mayweather quickly knocked that wind out of him and took control of the fight from that point forward.

Mayweather, not known for looking for knockouts, was looking for one in this bout. In the eighth round, he stepped up and was swinging hard at McGregor. As the intensity from Mayweather continued to rise, the intensity from the crowd at T-Mobile Arena and at Celebration Cinema North in Grand Rapids, where the fight was being streamed, was just as high. There was a lot of cheering as Mayweather began his onslaught.  

McGregor somehow made his way through the ninth round, but he seemed to be stumbling at that point. Mayweather, along with the whole world watching knew that this fight was about to come to an end.

Both fighters said the bout would not go the distance, and midway through the 10th round, Mayweather knocked out McGregor after the referee, Robert Byrd, stepped in and stopped the fight.

The men exchanged a handshake and hug in a great display of sportsmanship.

In his post fight interview, Mayweather said: “Tonight was my last fight. I’m done.”

Mayweather will retire at the age of 40 and with a perfect 50-0 record. One win better than Rocky Marciano, who retired with a 49-0 record.

McGregor has nothing to hang his head about, the fight he put up showed the true heart of the champion he is. He may have lost, but he performed much better than experts predicted him to.

Losing his first experience of professional boxing, in the magnitude that this fight carried, he did very well and was impressive throughout the fight.


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