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GRCC Parking 101: Tips to get you to class on time

View from the enter lane at the Bostwick parking ramp.

School is back in session this week at Grand Rapids Community College and both returning and new students alike are going to be fighting for parking spaces. Here are some tips to make parking on campus and other transportation options easier.

The beginning of the fall semester is going to naturally be the busiest time for parking with students figuring out how to navigate the ramps. It’s not surprising when the “FULL” light comes on.

In some instances, the light will be on for 20 to 30 minutes and then there is the hassle of trying to find an actual spot when you are let into the ramp.

A word of advice is to arrive at least 30 minutes before a class to ensure that you won’t be late.

Although the Bostwick parking ramp is the closest ramp for most students, there are three other parking lots that many students aren’t aware of.

The other parking lots that are available to students are the Lyon parking ramp, next to the Calkins Science Center, Sneden parking ramp, and the Barclay parking ramp.

All of these ramps are within walking distance of the main campus if you can’t get into the Bostwick ramp.

To find these lots, take a look at the map of campus, the lots will be labeled with the letter “P”. Here is a short video for a first-person perspective of going to the lots.

Students can enter these ramps by swiping their GRCC Raider Cards or by receiving a blue parking ticket. Be warned that the parking ticket charges $2 for every 30 minutes, but has a charge limit of $12.

This method can be pricey, however, that is a problem that your Raider Card fixes. By using your Raider Card, you will be charged $3.50 per exit. Here is a parking etiquette claymation video to help you master the lots.

Although the Raider Card reduces the cost of parking, the fees can add up. But there are also off campus lots that are available to students with the use of the DASH program to save students money on parking. The school has leased out 105 parking spots at various lots and The Silverline bus has stops located all around the Area 9 parking lots. The bus will pick up GRCC students and transport them to campus. Students pay a one-time $250 fee for both the fall and winter semester and swipe your Raider Card to enter the DASH lot.

To learn more about the program, sign up and view the DASH route, click here.

For those who ride their bikes to campus, there are open bike stands located all around campus. However, if you’re worried about the bike being stolen, there is a covered bike cage located in the lowest, northwest level of the Bostwick parking ramp. It’s free to park bikes in the cage, but a request form must be submitted to Student Life in order to gain access to the cage. Students enter the cage by swiping their Raider Card.

Another way to save some money is to carpool with fellow students or friends. It will save on gas, parking and could save you from being late to class.

With all of this new knowledge, returning and incoming students should be ready to tackle the parking lots and DASH routes for the upcoming semester. Please drive safe and have a great semester!