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GRCC Providing Free Subscription to NYT


Grand Rapids Community College is providing a free subscription to the New York Times for all GRCC students.

The subscription began on July 3, and will cost the school $5,698, but the school received a discount for acquiring the subscription. The price of the subscription was determined by the number of students who are enrolled at  GRCC.

The cost will be divided up between the Library and Learning Commons and the Political Science Department. The school is using this year as a pilot for the subscription to see how it will be used by students, faculty and staff.

“This purchase is a great addition to the library’s resources and fills a much needed gap in the collection,” said Brian Beecher, director of GRCC’s Library and Learning Commons.

The library provides access to numerous newspapers from the online Proquest Research Library and several other databases. GRCC had a paper subscription to USA Today, but did not renew it due to a lack of interest by students and faculty.

“It will be a wonderful resource for our students,” Beecher said, referring to The New York Times subscription that will be accessible on campus and off on computers and mobile devices. “Several faculty (members) have been in need of something like this for their students assignments.”

The subscription was licensed by GRCC’s Political Science director, Heather Richards, who discussed the idea for the subscription with the Information Literacy and Outreach Librarian Nan Schichtel. Several other faculty members joined in and searched for the best newspaper and chose the New York Times. The Director of Student Life and Conduct, Lina Blair, also assisted in the process of promoting the New York Times for its accuracy in information.

The subscription is available for those who are on campus and off campus. Students and faculty that are interested in subscribing to the New York Times can follow these three simple steps.

Step 1: Navigate to Accessnyt.com

Step 2: Search and Click listings for Grand Rapids Community College.

Step 3: Click “Create Account” and complete the registration field.


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