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GRCC faculty participates in Ice Bucket challenge

Athletic Director, Billy Firn, participates in the Ice Bucket challenge

By Heather Tilma – Collegiate staff

It was a cold day on campus for the student and staff participants of the ice water bucket challenge held from noon to 12:30 p.m. yesterday Tues. Sept. 19 at Grand Rapids Community College.

“It is freaking cold,” said Jim Schafer, Events & Support Coordinator, after getting a bucket of ice water dumped on him. The majority of the volunteers all got multiple buckets of ice water including Schafer.

Students and faculty gathered in the Juan Olivarez Plaza for the event. Spectators donated $5 for either students or the PTK members at the challenge, $10 for Billy Fern (Athletic Director), and $20 for any administrators present who volunteered for the challenge previously.

GRCC police participate in the Ice Bucket challenge Heather Tima

The following people volunteered to have ice water dumped on their heads:

Rebecca Whitman – Campus Police Chief

Robin Kritzman – Police Officer

Billy Firn – Athletic Director

Evan Macklin – Coordinator of Student Orientation

Lina Blair – Director of Student Life and Conduct

Misty McClure-Anderson – Executive Deputy to the President and Board Liaison

Erin Busscher – Assistant Professor/Academic Advisor

Lynnae Selberg – Assistant Professor/Program Director of the GRCC Counseling and Career Center

Jim Schafer – Events & Support Coordinator

Michael Schavey – Director of Experiential Learning

Half of the money raised will be donated to PTK and the other half will go to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) research.

Members of the PTK collected donations up front next to the water station. The challenges immediately followed after donations were made.

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