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How to keep up with GRCC’s Exercise Science


By Andrew Schau – Collegiate Staff

From team sports, exercise science, swim courses, and even obesity studies, there are many fitness classes that allow GRCC students to burn calories throughout the semester.

Professor Jodi Gee, the associate professor of exercise science, has high praise for her department and stresses the importance of exercise in everyday life.

“Exercise is so important, especially in today’s world,” Gee said. “It is scientifically proven that exercise grows brain cells.”

Gee couldn’t stress enough of how important exercise is everyday life.

“The benefits of exercise go on and on,” Gee said. “It improves mood, memory, helps cure depression, and it kills fat. Simply exercising and drinking water can be a cure for so many of our health problems.

Along with these conditions, Gee explained how exercise can do so much more.

“Exercise lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, breast and colon cancer, early death, and so much more,” Gee said.  

GRCC also offers classes on eating healthy, along with the Nutrition in the Physical Science department. These classes focus on things like possible diseases and day-to-day health concerns.

Gee even created her own program, along with Western Michigan University. The program is a pre-dietetic course. This program leads to a bachelor of science degree and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetic Education. This will first be available this upcoming winter. Along with teaching basketball and other courses, Gee is the Healthy Living instructor as well.    
For more information, go to the Exercise Science web page.