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Police Reports 10/26


Domestic Disturbance near the Ford Fieldhouse

On Oct. 18, at approximately 9:15 p.m., a Grand Rapids Community College police officer was dispatched to a possible domestic disturbance near the Ford Fieldhouse.

Dispatch advised that the caller stated that he witnessed two males who were moving eastbound on Lyon Street. The officer made contact with three subjects near the intersection of Claremont and Lyon.

The three men were all verbally upset with the officer’s presence initially. The woman who called, became upset with the fact that the police did not come when she called for help. The three men stated that they did not have an operations license or ID. In addition, their addresses, phone numbers and other information was not provided.

The officer obtained the names and birth dates of all three men and the two males were identified. The conflict was between two of the men who were arguing about which bus stop to use and that there was no physical contact according to the men. They further stated that a male in a truck stopped to check to see if everything was alright.

All three of the subjects advised that they were just leaving the hospital and were simply attempting to return home. The officer advised them to leave the campus quietly and use the closest bus stop. All three left without an issue.
Trespassing on GRCC Campus

On Oct. 19, a GRCC police officer assisted another officer with a trespassing  subject on the south end of the Bostwick Commons.

The officer noticed a subject sleeping on the ground at the south end of the Main Building. After clearing with the officer he was assisting, both officers approached the subject. When they approached he was laying on a small cement slab near a door of the south end of the Main Building.

One of the officers then woke the man up and asked him to take his hands out of his pockets where they could see them. He complied and said that he was just trying to get some sleep. He said that he worked last night and could not get into Mel Trotter where he usually stays. One of the officers asked him if he had been in contact with the GRCC Police Department. He replied that he had not.

One of the officers informed him that he was on GRCC property and needed to be a student or have business at GRCC in order to be on the property. One of the officers explained that there were several GRCC building signs and buildings in the area and all were marked with blue and yellow signs. The officer told him that they were going to give him a verbal warning for trespassing. However, if they had any further contact with him with him sleeping on GRCC property that he would be arrested.

He was later identified and cooperated with the police officers and left the area walking across Bostwick Commons.

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