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GRCC Student, Alumni, Faculty Nominated for Grand Awards

GRCC Sign in Front of Ford Fieldhouse

By Matthew Scheidel

The 21st annual Grand Awards were held at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre on Oct. 8. Grand Rapids Community College was well represented, with 10 alumni, students, and faculty members being nominated.

The full list of nominees can be found here. Highlights include students Ian Reul in the play “Somewhere In Between,” which was nominated for Outstanding College Production, and Rodney Cobbins in the play “Facing Our Truth.”

Reul was honored to receive the nomination for a Grand Award.

“It feels amazing. It’s an honor to be recognized in a community like this,” Reul said. “Theater is a hidden gem in this community. There is so much talent.”

Reul was also awarded the Combined Theatre Scholarship. He was honored to receive that as well.

“It was really humbling and inspiring,” Reul said. “It was really humbling to know that people wanted me to win over so many other people that were just as deserving as I was.”

Cobbins was also honored to be nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a College Production.

“It felt like the angels were singing my name for the first time,” Cobbins said. “It was the most honorable and humbling thing to happen to me. I felt like I didn’t deserve it.”

Tom Kaechele the GRCC Theater Program Director, was nominated for the Outstanding Direction of a Play award for “Brighton Beach Memoirs” and “Philadelphia Story.”

“It’s always nice to be recognized for the work I do,” Kaechele said. “But I’m more proud of students like Ian who receive scholarships as a result of the event.”

One award recipient not on the list linked above was Edye Evans Hyde, a GRCC alumna who won the Grand Award Lifetime Achievement Award.