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Aquinas invites GRCC students to German Weeks

German Weeks is an event to teach people about recent Germany

By Suanna Parker – Collegiate Staff

Aquinas College invites all Grand Rapids Community College students to immerse themselves in German culture at a series of events called “German Campus Weeks”.

The German Embassy has a longstanding history in the United States producing similar events.  

In May of this year, Dr. Katharina Hausler-Gross, Professor of German Studies and FL Methodology, submitted a proposal to the German Embassy focusing on the exploration of economic, cultural, and political perspectives of modern-day Germany. Hausler-Gross’s proposal proved quite advantageous, and as a result, German Campus Weeks has made its premiere at Aquinas this year.

German Campus Weeks began on Sept. 19 with an event called “Understanding the Election Process” in preparation for the German Elections held on Sept. 24. Aquinas will be hosting a number of various German-related events until Nov. 7.

On Oct. 4 Aquinas will be hosting German Career Day from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. located in the Sturrus Sports and Fitness center. German Career Day will highlight many German-related career opportunities which include everything from German and International firms to various foundations and organizations. The German Embassy will be presenting various career path models for those with an interest in turning their German study into something more tangible.

German Career Day events will include info booths, mini-workshops, and networking and panel discussions that are aimed toward anyone who is interested in pursuing a German-related career. Students who are interested in attending any of the scheduled events for German Career Day, though free to attend, must register here prior to the event.

One of the most highly anticipated events will be held on Nov. 1 when Munich-based band EINSHOCH6 will be performing. EINSHOCH6 whose music combines elements of classical music with hip-hop lyrics will perform songs from their newest album titled, “Reise um die Welt”. You can purchase tickets for the event here.

Hausler-Gross explained the process of planning an event like German Campus Weeks, “Start planning/working EARLY, excellent time management and communication skills, network and collaborate, create a master plan that highlights BIG events as well as smaller (group) activities around the key events, inclusion and diversity, develop a reasonable and precise budget, work closely with both academic and supporting departments on campus, and live on little sleep and lots of coffee”.
For the complete list of scheduled events please visit the event website.