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The debut of the “Healing Body, Mind and Spirit Expo” in Grand Rapids was a success

Psychic Adrianna Lesniak gives a reading to an enthusiastic client - Leah Spoolstra

By Leah Spoolstra – The Collegiate Staff

After a series of 19 speeches, 57 vendors, and crowds filling the Deltaplex Arena and Convention Center this weekend, John Stephan, the creator of the “Healing Body, Mind and Spirit Expo,” considers the Grand Rapids premiere to be a success.

The focus of the event was on healing through all senses. There were several vendors that participated in psychic readings, aromatherapy, essential oils, and crystals. The speeches ranged from medium readings, motivation, to relaxation methods.

After the previous success that he had with the “Healing Body, Mind and Spirit Expo,” Stephan was amazed by the magnitude of this event and considers it to be a success.

“This show has exceeded my expectations,” Stephan said. “I am very pleased with it. (During the speeches), we didn’t have enough chairs. There were people filling the back room. They were standing and pulling back the curtain so that they could see.”

Many people attended the expo to experience holistics for the first time and to gain knowledge and information. Bobbi Faasen, a massage therapist from Grand Rapids, hoped that this event would help her in career advancement and to open up to the possibilities of aromatherapy and essential oils.

“I am already in the world (of healing),” Faasen said. “I came here to see how I can market and network myself. I was already interested in this, but I came to see what I can learn and bring into my own business. I like the smells and the whole experience with it, which you can apply to massages. It is all about the energy.”

While many people visited the expo after a previous experience with holistics, Stephan said that the newcomers come out of curiosity and that this expo can change their life.

“People who have no experience or are just curious, this is a great place to be because they will learn a lot and they will learn from very talented people. If you have a great reading, it can change your life. Knowledge and information in life is a very important thing.”

Following in her mother’s path as a psychic, Cindy Rogers encourages skeptics to get a reading and, hopefully, get healed through the process.

“Come and get a reading,” Rogers said. “If you are still skeptic after, then that is fine. (Reading) helps people. It gives them information on what is going on in their life and changes that they can make that they don’t see for themselves. It is like therapy. It helps people along the way. It makes me feel good if I can give them information that they can use in their everyday life.”

Despite many people attending for the healing benefits, others were excited at the opportunity to network themselves and advance their talents. Through mentoring his girlfriend to become a psychic, Les Kluzinski believes that all people have psychic abilities and hopes that readings will heal people.

“(Armstrong) will do well,” Kluzinski said. “Not because she is learning from me, but because we are all psychic. It is about pulling down the blinders and it is not about organized religion. I want to heal people – healing people, making them laugh, and (receiving) validations and explaining to them that there is more than just this life. It is about validations for me, a little bit of healing, and looking in their eyes and seeing a little bit of hope come back.”

After a weekend on healing all senses of the body, Stephan is ecstatic about bringing the “Healing Body, Mind and Spirit” back to Grand Rapids next year. The expo is expected to return to Grand Rapids on Nov. 3 and Nov. 4, 2018, but it will also be presented other dates in Fort Wayne and Kalamazoo next year.