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How students and faculty can stay safe on and off campus

Main Campus - Arielle Jackson

After the recent shooting in Las Vegas, police agencies all over the country are reviewing their safety plans and encouraging more citizens to take certain precautions to protect themselves, giving them the best chance of survival if they find themselves in similar conditions.  

One of the main things students, staff and faculty can do here at Grand Rapids Community College is understand their surroundings and know how to get out. According to GRCC  Police Chief Rebecca Whitman this is one of the best ways to keep yourself safe in any situation.

“Know your surroundings,” Whitman said. “When you go to a location whether its on campus here, or a place that you shop or entertainment. Know the routes to get in and out of that location.”

The GRCC Police Department has a preparation system for events like this as well.

“The campus police department is specifically trained in active shooter response,”Whitman said. “We interact with our partners and the community, Grand Rapids Police Department, the county and other resources to (know) what we have available to us if we need to call on them to assist us.”

All faculty and staff are asked to tell students about the evacuation routes and the concept of run, hide, fight as well as other emergency procedures .

“We ask the faculty to talk to their students about run, hide and flight which gives an individual a decision to make based on  where they are when an emergency happens,” Whitman said.  “So if someone is somewhere in a class or on campus or off campus and they hear  shots fired and they hear people yelling they have a decision to make to how protect themselves,” Whitman said.