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Dreams of Death at Local ArtPrize

Berry's entry.

By: Carson McCready – The Collegiate Staff

Hannah Berry’s inspiration for her art, besides color, is her dreams about infants dying in water, empty-eyed and still. She has utilized this inspiration to create her ArtPrize installation about dreams, death, fear, and beauty called “Oneirocritica.”

“I dream a lot about death,” Berry said. “The dreams about babies didn’t start until my daughter was born.

Berry, the Independent owner of Lions & Rabbits, has allowed her gallery to be filled with mystical art installations participating in ArtPrize. The non-profit organization reached out to Berry, offering to extend the city limits of ArtPrize to include her gallery.

“Oneirocritica,” Latin for “dream interpretations,” is described as bright, stark, and symbolic by Berry. It is crafted by three different types of glass, chalk, paint, gesso, glitter, acrylic, yarn, twigs, water, flowers, gold leaf, ceramic and a bathtub.

The piece symbolizes life and death, which is “both terrifying and beautiful,” shown by the petite ceramic flowers that took twenty hours to sculpt. “They would cut you if you held them,” Berry said. The secret translucent mixture that fills the bathtub symbolizes the subconscious and fogginess of dreams. The shattered mirrors are to represent self-reflection.

Berry says any money she won from ArtPrize would go right back into the gallery, perhaps installing fire sprinklers or a roof patio. “But I’m not doing this for the money. Art is about collaboration and intention to evoke emotions in people.”
To view Berry’s aesthetic piece, visit Lions & Rabbits, at 1264 Plainfield Ave NE anytime from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tues. through Sat.


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