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GRCC Art club gets a new student president

Makayla Haag

By Heather Tilma – Collegiate Staff

The Grand Rapids Community College Art Club received a new student president.

The current student president of the art club is Makayla Haag. This is her third semester at GRCC and she is currently majoring in photography.

Haag is in charge of hosting meetings and events. As well as organizing the annual G1 gallery show the club hosts.

“The club is welcome to everyone,” Haag said. “All art majors or not art majors. Anyone who has an interest in art.”

Haag was appointed to become the Art Club President by Filippo Tagliati, a faculty member in the Visual Arts department, once the position was open. The previous president was Jenn Coles.

The Art Club Facebook page gives a brief summary of what the club is all about.

“Art club is a small group of creative individuals who like to explore the broad spectrum of art while inspiring others to create,” the site states.

The best way to find out more information is to follow the club’s  Facebook page to get updates and locations of the meetings and events.