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Students of MiCUP and UROP to present their research projects

MiCUP and UROP students to present. - Courtesy Art

Mycah Roark – The Collegiate Staff

Though Grand Rapids Community College may just be a community college, it offers so many opportunities that most would not expect including, a summer internship with the University of Michigan and Michigan Technological University.

GRCC has been working with the University of Michigan through a program called Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP).

“They train you through the whole process,” said Anna Maria Clark, the liaison of the summer internship programs and program advisor for TRiO/Student Support Services at GRCC.

UROP is a 10-week long internship during which the students work closely with faculty mentors, research scholars and the UROP staff.

Every student receives a stipend, but when it comes to the housing at U of M is a little different, the students are supposed to find their own housing. “[U of M] requires a little bit more independence, but I think that the students that venture that way, [find that it is] an extraordinary experience,” said Clark.

UROP offers a wide range of research field opportunities, humanities, engineering, social studies, natural and environmental sciences and others compared to Michigan TECH’s, Michigan College and University Partnership (MiCUP) program.

The MiCUP partnership with GRCC started in 2013. Through MiCUP, students can conduct research in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math through the seven-week program.

The MiCUP program “is a competitive process,” Clark said.”Normally the program will have 20 students from three different schools (GRCC, Wayne County Community College and Delta County Community College).

MiCUP is similar to UROP, in that the students receive a stipend, stay in dorms and get an on-campus, college experience beyond what they experience commuting to a community college like GRCC.

“This year we had nine students (in the summer internship),” Clark said. “The vast majority will be TRiO/SSS students.”

Every TRiO/SSS student is informed of all the opportunities they have, one of them being the summer internship program. For all those who are not a member of TRiO/SSS program, don’t worry.

“We have had students that are not a part of our program apply and be accepted,” Clark said.

For more information, visit the University of Michigan and Michigan Tech to find or more, or visit Clark on the third floor of Student Center.  

On Oct. 25 in the Raider Grill from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., all students and faculty are welcome to come and see what our fellow GRCC students researched during their summer internships.