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GRCC Students React to the Texas Shooting


On Nov. 5, in Sutherland Springs, Texas, 26 people were killed inside of a local church. The victims ranged in age from 17 months to 77.

Today some Grand Rapids Community College students responded to the tragedy.

The gunman,  Devin P. Kelley, carried an armed rifle with a loaded magazine into the church and open fired. Shortly after the shooting, police said he called his father and then committed suicide.

Ben Munro,18, of Zeeland expressed concern about how common mass shootings have become in our society.

“These shootings are expected by now, but they’re still not normal,” Munro said.

When asked about safety at GRCC roughly a week after a gun magazine was found in a campus bathroom, Munro expressed that the magazine found here did not affect his perception of GRCC.

“It’s a pretty safe campus, I’m not too worried about that here,” Munro said.

For 20-year-old Courtland Lee, this was the first time hearing about a shooting at a church.

“People should be more careful and shouldn’t be allowed to have guns,”  Lee said. “Churches aren’t holy anymore. That’s the scary thing. (People) aren’t even safe in a church anymore.”

Marilyn Ortega, 22-year-old GRCC student, shared concerns that the violence is becoming a normal thing within our society.

“I wasn’t surprised because of lately what’s been going on,” Ortega said.” We’ve heard of the Las Vegas shooting and I feel like the last few months haven’t been too much of a shock anymore because of everything that (has) been going on.”


Contributed by: Matt Herrington, Jessica Newhouse, Tatiana Diaz, Karlie Hershberger.