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Nobody Should be Open on Thanksgiving


By Matthew Scheidel

Remember when Thanksgiving was about spending time with your family? When it was about sitting on the couch, watching football with relatives you may only get to see once a year, and  then sitting down to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner? Remember that?

Yeah, neither do I.

Because now Thanksgiving seems to be about spending something else: money.

It all started with black Friday. The biggest shopping day of the year. The official start of the holiday shopping season. The running of the Walmart morons. For the longest time retailers had some respect and did not think about opening on Thanksgiving, and would simply open early the next day. However, in 2011, some stores decided to open at midnight. The following year, stores started opening at 6 p.m. on turkey day.

The trouble is 6 p.m. is prime time for Thanksgiving dinner. I hope those employees didn’t plan on having a nice meal with their families.

Now this year, I have to work on Thanksgiving.

I do not  understand the point. I work for a well-known retailer, and they have a huge ad for Thanksgiving and black Friday. The ad starts at 6 a.m., which means that I have to be there at 5:30 a.m.

At least I’ll get to have dinner with the fam!

It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Regardless of what day you’re open, or what is on the ad, you will run out of that product pretty quickly. So, I’ll probably just spend 90 percent of my shift standing there and saying “Sorry, we’re sold out,” to ravenous customers.

The only day many retailers are closed throughout the year is Christmas day. That’s the only day of the year they closed because, to put it in my employer’s terms: “We want to ensure that our employees get to spend time with their families.”

Well we need to open on Thanksgiving anyway just in case anybody needs any last minute items for Thanksgiving dinner.

People have had almost an entire year to prepare for Thanksgiving. If grandma forgot the cranberry sauce, oh well.

In closing, being open on a major holiday like Thanksgiving is a great way to give your employees the finger. So, a message to all retailers: show some respect to your employees, who work their tails off 364 days a year, and close on Thanksgiving.