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Police Report 11/2

GRCC Police Department. (Arielle Jackson/The Collegiate)

Hit and Run at Bostwick Ramp

On Oct. 26, at approximately 3:42 p.m., a Grand Rapids Community College police officer was dispatched to a property damage accident hit and run in Ramp 1.

Dispatch advised the victim was at the GRCC police department. The officer met with the victim and had her bring the officer to the car. She was parked on level 5 of the Bostwick ramp.

She said that the incident happened between the times of 11:30 a.m. and 3:12 p.m. She parked her car at approximately 9:05 a.m. that morning but returned to her vehicle at approximately 11:30 a.m. and did not notice any damage. She discovered the damage later on and walked over to campus police immediately to report it..

Looking at the damages it appeared that a vehicle hit her rear bumper when they were exiting the parking spot next to her. She said that the vehicle that was parked next to her when she first arrived that morning was dark in color and did not match the color that was left on her car.

Violation of Controlled Substance

On Oct. 26, at approximately 11:48 a.m. a GRCC police officer was dispatched to room 201 of Sneden Hall on the DeVos Campus referring to a possible VCSA (Violation of the Controlled Substances Act).

Dispatch advised an officer from Grand Rapids Public Schools was with a high school student from the Learning Center in that room.

The officer responded to that area and made contact with the GRPS public safety office. The GRPS officer was sitting with a male. The public safety officer said that he was called to the area and was told that a student was is in possible possession of marijuana.

The public safety officer responded immediately and noticed the smell of marijuana when he approached the two learning center rooms that the student was using. The public safety officer said that he was able to identify that the student had marijuana on him and had searched the students bag and found a couple of vapor pipes that they were going to confiscate due to the fact that GRPS students are not allowed to have any smoking items while in class. He also found a small black container with a small piece of wrapping paper inside. Inside the paper appeared to be to be a brown wax like material.

The GRCC police officer asked the student to tell them what was going on that day and why he had that on him. The student said that the substance in the wrapping paper was CBD (Cannabidiol) and was legal in Michigan. He said he would cut off small pieces of the CBD and put it in his Vapor smoker.

The GRCC police officer asked him if he also smokes marijuana and he said he does but did not today. The GRCC officer explained that he would be taking the container and the substance in the container until the officer could determine what it was. The officer explained that he was not able to have any illegal drugs on campus and said that he does not want the student to bring anything illegal on campus.

The officer asked the student to where he buys the CBD and the student replied that he usually buys it from his friends. The officer told the student he was free to leave at this time and that the officer would contact the student once they determine the identification of the substance in the black container.

Before the student left the area, the principal of the learning center came into the room. The officer asked what was the student’s status with GRPS and the public safety officer said that he would talk to his supervisor to determine what the next steps would be.

The officer cleared the scene and went back to the GRCC police department. to test the substance. The substance tested positive for marijuana and the student was given a citation for the use of marijuana a 90-day misdemeanor.


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