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GRCC to offer year long scheduling

GRCC to offer year long scheduling. - Courtesy Art

By Ruby Biggs – The Collegiate Staff

Students will soon be able to plan ahead and sign up for a year’s worth of courses at Grand Rapids Community College.

Beginning in March of 2018, GRCC students will have the ability to register for classes taking place during the summer and fall 2018 semesters as well as the winter 2019 semester.

Formerly, students were only able to sign up for classes held one following semester.

Eric Mullen, GRCC’s Associate Dean of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid said that the idea of students having the opportunity to schedule classes this far in advance had been considered for about a decade.

Mullen also noted that scheduling classes a year in advance is a common practice at four-year universities. The Student Affairs Committee behind the decision, including Mullen, hope that GRCC students take this new opportunity to plan their academic careers further down the road, as well as find it easier to maintain a balance between school, work, and life.

A fellow member of the Collegiate, Heather Tilma asked students for their reactions to the adjustment. GRCC student Anna Abernethy,17, of Grand Rapids, considered the change to be a positive one, saying it will be “very good for those who plan ahead and are on top of their schedule”. Others, however, were unsure of the effects of the change. GRCC student aid, Nadia Kaiser, 21, from Akron, Ohio stated, “I think it will be a good idea for some people, I don’t know about everybody.” Another student was quoted as saying it “might be difficult for seniors graduating, they might not be able to get classes for the fall.”

Despite some doubts from students, Mullen and Interim Associate Dean of Operations, Jennifer Batten, stated in an email, “When year-long scheduling goes live…we believe this will be a service improvement for our students, and could also improve their completion and persistence levels.”

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