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Streaming IS a necessity for College Students

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By Myles Lambeth – The Collegiate Staff

Since its conception, music has always been a huge source of entertainment. Music allows people to make visualizations, relax, think about memories, dance, bond, and even concentrate. With the invention of smartphones, new sound systems, and iTunes the demand for music is at an all-time high, but who wants to keep paying $1.29 for each song they like? Not a broke college student. Then in comes a new, more convenient way to listen to music: streaming services.

Since its launch in 2008, Spotify created a new way to listen to music at a much easier and cost-effective way. Soundcloud launched in 2008 also, allowing free streaming for anyone and also giving up-and-coming artists a new platform that is universal. Since its launch, Soundcloud has accumulated 40 million registered listeners.

Since its conception in 2008, streaming has taken over the world of music. Music sales have declined tremendously over the years while streaming services grow by the millions every year. After Spotify’s success, Apple wanted to join the streaming world creating Apple Music. Several companies have jumped in since including Amazon, Beats, Pandora and even an artist owned streaming service Tidal.

Now you’re probably wondering why I said streaming is perfect for the average college student. Streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music offer college streaming services for about $5 a month. Spotify is offering college students a deal that gets them Spotify Premium and a Hulu account for $4.99 per month. This is the companies realizing who’s their biggest audience and catering to them.

Streaming music is not only good for the listener, it’s good for the artists as well. Over the years they have added new rules and regulations to make sure musicians’ work gets the accolades it deserves from streaming and also compensated; now those streaming units are counted in sales and platinum plaques. Some even say that streaming has helped a lot of the smaller acts get bigger since it’s so easy for people to just go on their streaming service and listen for free or a very low fee. These services also allow post editing on music. In 2016, Kanye released “The Life of Pablo” and months after the release Kanye continued to update songs on the album and even add songs to his album, something artists can’t do when fans purchase their albums off iTunes or buy a physical copy.  

Music is part of many students’ lives including Kyler Simmon, 20, of Carson City. Simmon said he uses Spotify almost 24/7.

“When don’t college students listen to music? Studying, walking, relaxing, working out. It’s a everyday appliance for students,” Simmon said. Kyler says that he uses Spotify Free and Soundcloud so that he can listen to albums and more local music too.

Rachel Millis, 19, from South Lyon, Michigan, uses Spotify off a $14.99 per month family plan she shares with five family members.

“I use Spotify every day for about two to three hours, definitely something I couldn’t do college without (Spotify),” Millis said.

 Spotify also creates custom playlists based on the music that listeners select. Playlists can include songs that reflect the artists you listen to, and the mood you’re in. In addition, you can create your own unique playlist and let your friends follow you and stream your playlists. These services have a never-ending music catalog allowing the listener to listen to new/old music and an endless amount of genres.

 If you’re a college student, consider joining the streaming movement. It is the future of music and with over 100 million people subscribed to a music service at the end of 2016, that number is sure to continue to skyrocket. When someone passes you the aux cord don’t you want to have several options to choose from all in one place?