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Medical Assistant students to graduation soon

- Courtesy of GRCC

By Jack Hervela – The Collegiate Staff

A celebration awaits Grand Rapids Community Colleges’ Medical Assistant Program as it prepares to graduate 2018’s first cohort on Thurs., Feb. 15, 6 p.m. at the Tassell M-Tec building.

This marks the 18th cohort to graduate, following some 274 previous MA students. The completion rate for the program hovers around 88 percent with 23 graduates signing off on Thursday.

As graduates are trusted with the operation of healthcare facilities, “Program standards are high,” said Program Director Linda Witte.

All 23 graduates must have maintained a 90 percent or higher on graded work, finished 100 percent of hands-on skills and missed no more than 24 hours of learning time.

Offered through GRCC’s Workforce Training department, the MA program began in 2010 at the request of local health employers.

“Employers have been an essential voice in the design of the program, in setting program standards and in maintaining the quality of our MA program,” Witte said.

During their time at GRCC, these students can earn the Registered Medical Assistant certification, which leads to employment after completion of the program. Students looking to further their skills, “can articulate credit at Davenport University towards a business administration or nursing degree,” Witte said.

With Grand Rapids being a flourishing medical community, such a program benefits employers and job-seeking employees. Information about the Medical Assistant Program can be found online

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