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Who Is Phi Theta Kappa?

PTK Info Table- Arielle Jackson

By: Griffin Sikkema

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) with it’s current membership reaching over 300 students is one of the fastest growing organizations here at Grand Rapids Community College.

What exactly is Phi Theta Kappa?

PTK is the International Honor Society of two-year colleges. This is not limited to GRCC, PTK has 1,400 chapters all across the nation, and in over seven different countries.

Even though the Phi Theta Kappa community is widely spread, the groups have one thing in common. Most of their members are high-achieving students.

“The organization itself is really about recognizing student’s academic achievements… and making sure they’re set up for the future,” said Morgan Brown, 20, president of the PTK chapter at GRCC.

The PTK web page on the GRCC website lists that $32 million goes out for scholarships every year for PTK students from over 440 Senior Institutions located in the United States.

However, Brown said that “there’s actually over $93 million available every year just to PTK students.”

These scholarships are available to all members of PTK, with the $93 million being distributed throughout all chapters.

PTK students not only build connections and relationships with other students, but with advisors and faculty members as well.

Every year, PTK works on a college project, which is something that each chapter decides  to do, and the subject of the project is off a problem that’s on GRCC’s campus.

Last year’s, PTK’s college project aimed to help students who needed to transfer to GRCC, and the year before that helped students who had to transfer out of GRCC.

“We’re looking to grow our membership so that we can hold more events on campus just for the fun of it,” Brown said, “instead of it always being a fundraiser.”

Not only does PTK organize on-campus activities and events, the organization does four events a year, two of which are regional and the other two are international. Last year the largest conference, Catalyst, had over 4,000 people in attendance.

There are a couple of requirements to join PTK, however. A student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or over, have earned at least 12 credits at GRCC and must be a current student at GRCC, and pay a lifetime membership fee of $75.
To find out more about PTK, visit the website, or contact the Student Life at 616-234-4160 or studentlife@grcc.edu.

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