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In light of last week’s March for Our Lives, staying safe on and off campus is increasingly more important. This week’s app, Circle of 6, will help keep you safe if you ever find yourself in a dangerous or unsafe situation wherever you are.

With Circle of 6 you can set up six of your contacts to communicate with in case of emergency, a bad date gone wrong or anything in between. Once you’ve selected your six emergency contacts, Circle of 6 can contact them with the push of a button. You can have Circle of 6 send your GPS location, call them or message them. There is also a handy hotline button which connects you to a 24 hour safety hotline.

Circle of 6 was created to help college students stay safe on campus and on dates, but the app can be used by anyone for any other uncomfortable situation . Circle of 6 is free to download on iOS and Android devices

As a bonus, check out the bSafe app. The features are similar to Circle of 6, but offers additional features like showing your GPS location, faking a call from someone, a “Follow Me” button which allows your selected six contacts to follow along with you on their device and more. bSafe is also free to download on iOS and Android devices.

Have you used Circle of 6 or bSafe? Do you have a similar app that helps you stay safe on and off campus? Do you have a favorite app we should feature? Let us know in the comments!