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GRCC Board of Trustees approved tuition increase

Board of Trustees - Rachael Yadlowsky

Grand Rapids Community College Board of Trustees approved a less than one percent increase for the 2018-19 school year.

The tuition increase will be applied to the Fall 2018 semester with a one dollar increase in tuition per credit hour.

Tuition rates will now be:

Resident: $114 per credit hour

Non-resident: $243 per credit hour

Out-of-state: $360 per credit hour

“I’m glad that the increase is less than what we had expected,” said trustee, Carlos Sanchez in a post-meeting interview. “But I believe that we need to continue to strengthen the legs on the stool of the students and continue to work with the legislators for funding, so we can continue to help the students.”

Trustee, Richard Stewart also had a few words pertaining to the increase.

“We have a great team here,” Stewart said. “But every year when we pass a tuition increase, we get sort of clumped. We say ‘oh gosh, that’s terrible, but, oh well, I guess’ – we are going to have to ratchet up our thinking on our policies and our leadership.”

During the meeting, Dean of Institutional Research and Academic Quality Improvement Process (AQIP) Liason Donna Kragt presented the board with an accreditation update.

Accreditation is the process four-year colleges use to evaluate their quality of information and services that they provide to students. GRCC has been an accredited college since 1917 with the Higher Learning Commission Accreditation group.

There are three different pathways in the accreditation process. The Standard Pathway focuses on new colleges or colleges facing difficulties which offers assistance to help the college. Second is the Open Pathway, where the college focuses on a single quality improvement project. The third pathway is the AQIP where the college focuses on a constant rate of improvement.

GRCC has part of the AQIP. Instead of working on one large improvement project, GRCC is working on many smaller improvement projects. There are 18 AQIP action projects at GRCC. The First Scholars project and the Guided Pathways project are two of the 18 that are currently being worked on.

Cale Merdzinski, President of Student Alliance also discussed the accomplishments of Student Life.

Merdzinski said his goal for the student body was to bring the students closer together and have more involvement during events.

“I’m excited that our clubs hosted a lot of events between October 2017 and now,” he said. “And I’ve seen an increase in student involvement.”

Merdzinski also mentioned the upcoming Student Leader Banquet on March 27. There will be three new awards being handed out this year that will be announced at the banquet.

Last on the agenda was to approve recent purchases. Some of these include a booklet maker for professors to create course material for students, a $1 million DeVos campus renovation and a new locking mechanism for the entire campus. Locks can be unlocked and locked throughout the campus with a push of a button and the system is able to alert the administration when a door didn’t lock or when a door is left open.

The next board meeting is scheduled for 4:15 p.m. on April 16 in the board library on the fifth floor of the Main Building.


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