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Tiffany Haddish closes Laughfest 2018

Tiffany Haddish - Courtesy of Laughfest

By Tara Woods – The Collegiate Staff

Tiffany Haddish closed out Laughfest Sunday night to a sold-out audience with her bubbly personality and a glass of Ciroc.

Haddish’s opening act, Merlot, warmed up the crowd with a glass of red wine in her hand. Talking about being in a church, she told the audience about a conversation she had with an employee before the show began.

“I asked him ‘Can I swear?’ and she said, ‘Shit, they did last night!’.”

Merlot, who is from Compton, also joked about being from the hood and warned the church to hide their tithes.

“I told them to hide they lil trays with the money,” she joked. “I will take a few dollars if they aren’t careful.”

Merlot also spent a lot of time talking to members of the crowd, asking if they are married or how long they have been. She told the crowd how she wants to be married, but it seems a little too bland for her taste.

“It’s like eating chicken every single day. Some days I might want some steak!”

Another special treat came from Haddish’s second opening act,  Chris Spencer. Spencer is an executive producer for the TV series “Real Husbands of Hollywood” starring Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon and Haddish. He also co-produced the hit show “Grown-ish” which is a spin-off of the series “Black-ish.”

In his opening, Spencer had a request for certain audience members who voted for Trump.

“I just- I just want you to say ‘I’m sorry.’ I just want you to say it. Just like, post it on Twitter or something. Do the #MyBad.”

Spencer then went on to talk about the time he and his wife got to meet President Obama. He told the captivated audience about how they were waiting in line with all of these foreign dignitaries, and his wife is having a proper meltdown next to him about meeting the Obamas. When it gets to be their turn, his wife starts shaking and crying, telling Obama how much he means to her.

“Being the good husband I am, I open my arms to console her,” Spencer said. “But so does he. She looks directly at me and falls into his arms. I stood there while they hugged, and I started getting jealous. He looks at me, catching my vibe, and gives me a look like, ‘Don’t worry, I kinda got this effect on these hoes.’”

After the crowd was left in stitches, Haddish finally came out dancing. During her hilarious set, she talked about her ties to Michigan when she tried to apply to college.

“I applied to the University of Michigan, and they didn’t accept any of me. Haters.”

She also gave the audience a glimpse into her newly famous life. She told the story of meeting Oprah on the Ellen Show this past year.

“I got to meet Oprah,” Haddish gushed. “She smelled just like success and coconut oil.”

She also spilled a little tea about what happened when she decided to wear an Eritrean dress to the Oscars in honor of her father this past year.

“Eritrea is the real Wakanda without all the vibranium,” Haddish said. “It is the most beautiful place on earth, and I have never felt so fulfilled anywhere in my life.”

Haddish got a lot of support for displaying her heritage so proudly, but she also got some hate. She told us about the infamous Instagram of a picture of her in the dress with the caption “who did this to my bitch?!”

“First of all,” Haddish joked, “When was I ever your bitch? I ain’t ever been your bitch, you ain’t ever pay my bills.”
Haddish’s final advice and joke of the night was to include a fruit roll up in your relationship. It’ll change lives, people. If you missed the opportunity to see Haddish Sunday night, there are still tickets available for her #SheReady tour.

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