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GRCC Hosting Sexual Consent Discussion

Sneden Hall

By Najd Ayari

Grand Rapids Community College’s Psychology Department is hosting a sexual consent discussion on March 13 and it’s open to the public.

This event will feature two speakers, GRCC Director of Equal Opportunity Compliance, Kimberly DeVries and GRCC’s Psychology Department head, Frank Conner. They will provide both a psychological and legal perspective on sexual consent.

Attendees will be introduced to the meaning of sexual consent and the common mixed messages embedded in our society which can create confusion and lead to an awkward situation or illegal behavior.

The audience will also be informed of the current laws and guidelines of what constitutes consent and the consequences that can come out of misbehaving in such situations. They will also be providing information on how to  understand the signals of ‘yes’ or ‘no.’.

“We will look at research of men and how often they misunderstand signals, and present how can you say no in a direct and clear way … Men usually don’t look for a yes, they look for signals of no,” Conner said. “We need to understand at a personal level that the individual is more important than the culture.”

The event will take place at Sneden Hall in room 108, from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m..


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