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LaughFest welcomes comedian Geoffrey Asmus to Grand Rapids

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The laughs continue for LaughFest 2018 with the Best of the Midwest Competition at 7 p.m. March 15 at The B.O.B.

The comedians participating this year will be competing for a $2,500 prize and bragging rights of being named the “2018 Gilda’s LaughFest Best of the Midwest Comedian.”

Among the participating comedians is Geoffrey Asmus who recently spoke with The Collegiate about what he’s expecting from his first time at LaughFest.

“It’s fun, I’m sure it is,” Asmus said. “I’ve heard great things. I’ll probably do (LaughFest) again. I’ll try to be there for a longer period next time.”

Asmus is from Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota and is traveling the states bringing laughter with his routine. He recently moved, and is getting used the change of scenery.

“I just moved to New York, so it’s kind of weird that I’m doing the midwest thing,” he said. “I’m kind of settling in here trying not to get lost in the big city. We’ll see how that goes.”

Asmus’ comedy is lighthearted and educational at times.

“I talk about religion a lot,” Asmus said. “It’s different I guess. Obviously I’ll talk about dating, but I talk about religion a lot. I’m like in the middle. I was, like, raised religious, but I’m not that into it anymore but I don’t hate it either.”

As for his time in Grand Rapids, Asmus is excited to visit Grand Rapids for the first time.

“I think Grand Rapids is like the only major city I haven’t been to, so hopefully it’s a good place,” Asmus said.

Though it seems Grand Rapids has built a reputation about its beer as Asmus recalls.

“Isn’t it like a big brewery place? Oh, Founders is there. I’ve heard of that for sure.”

Tickets are still available for the Best of the Midwest Competition with prices ranging from $15 to $30 per ticket.

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