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By Tara Woods – The Collegiate Staff

Will Smith dances with Marc Anthony.

This is the mash up I never knew I needed. In a video shared on Will Smith’s Instagram, he and Marc Anthony are seen doing the salsa on a yacht right off the coast of Miami. Anthony’s hit “Vivir Mi Vida” blasts out the speakers as they sway their hips to the beat.  

“#Bucketlist – Salsa Lessons from @MarcAnthony… ✔️,” Smith captioned the video. “I just realized this is my 100th Post – Thank You All! Let’s Go Get the next (100).”

Smith joined Instagram last December and has quickly become a phenomenon and has been entertaining his 13.1 million followers with his hilarious posts.

On St. Patricks Day, the Fresh Prince debuted a new track while wearing a green outfit including a kilt. The song gives a hilariously relatable take on what happens after too many drinks.

“I can’t believe this/I’m rattled life in pieces/Like Seattle nights is sleepless,” Smith raps into the camera. “I’m grieving, I’m speechless, I’m dying, not facetious/I was drinking, she was drinking/We was dancing, wasn’t thinking/It’s not excuses/Look the truth is/I just cut looses/Just what Grey Goose produces/I swear if we get through this, I’ll never ever do this/Again, baby let me prove it/Please don’t throw me deuces.”

What a ray of sunshine.

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato reunite at March for Our Lives.

Another duo I was pumped for is Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus, who performed separately at the March for Our Lives rally in Washington D.C. on March 24 but met up later. Fan’s were going nuts for the nostalgia the pictures gave.

Cyrus was quick to post the momentous occasion on her social media, posting a picture of the duo and writing, “Been friends forever & happy to stand with you on important days like this!”

During the rally with an estimated 200,000 people, Lovato performed “Skyscraper” and Cyrus, who was accompanied by her sister Noah Cyrus and their mom Trish Cyrus, performed “The Climb.”

Cyrus and Lovato joined George and Amal Clooney, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Charlize Theron along with students, teachers and parents alike to march on Saturday and demand an end to gun violence.

The national protests are aimed to toughen gun laws to help stop school shootings and other massacres. Teens organized the rallies after the February 14 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida that killed 17 students and staff members. You can read more about the protest in Grand Rapids on the Collegiate.

“Chicago Fire” actress DuShon Monique Brown dead at age 49.

Chicago Fire actress DuShon Monique Brown has died. The Chicago Tribune revealed that the star who played Connie on the hit TV show passed away a little after 12 p.m. on Friday at St. James Olympia Field Hospital, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

The cause of death has yet to be revealed, and an autopsy is scheduled to take place in the upcoming days.

“The “Chicago Fire” family is devastated to lose one of its own,” said executive producer Dick Wolf in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with DuShon’s family and we will all miss her.”

Robert Schroeder, DuShon’s manager, also shared his condolences and sadness over the passing of the star.

“We are very sad to announce the untimely death of beloved Chicago actress DuShon Monique Brown. DuShon, most affectionately known to many as Connie on NBC’s ‘Chicago Fire,’ died suddenly Friday morning of natural causes. We are devastated by the loss of a very talented and kindhearted soul. DuShon was a film, television, commercial and voice-over actress who also graced the stages of many Chicago theaters. She brought laughter and joy to many and will be greatly missed. At this difficult time, we ask that the privacy of the family and loved ones be respected.”

DuShon has been a star on the hit series “Chicago Fire” since it’s debut back in 2012, playing the role of Connie, assistant to Chief Boden. She also appeared in shows including “Prison Break”, “Boss”, “Empire” and “Shameless.”

Wendy’s dropped a mixtape.

On Friday, the fast food chain dropped a mixtape with diss track records aimed at McDonalds and Burger King.

In its debut EP titled “We Beefin’?”, a female rapper (Wendy ovbi) performes five tracks- “Twitter Fingers,” “4 for 4$,” “Holding It Down,” “Clownin’,” and “Rest In Grease,” the last two being the diss tracks. Wendy’s has a long history of throwing hilarious shade at its competition on Twitter.

In “Clownin’,” the rapper raps, “Got nothin’ to hide, we fresh on the side, but / You hide from funk / That’s prolly why you go paint your face / My meals are great, people lining up like every day / Leave you in shame, make you run back to Cirque du Soleil / That’s cold game / But what you expect from tryna play / Won’t say no names but you a clown / Get it, OK?”

A whole forest of shade was thrown at McDonald’s in “Rest in Grease” as well. The rapper raps, “You number 1? That’s a joke / Why yo’ ice cream machine always broke? / Why yo’ drive through always slow? / Why yo’ innovation just can’t grow? / It’s queen Wendy, need I say mo’?”

McDonald’s is currently the world’s second-largest restaurant chain, only being surpassed by Subway. McDonald’s announced last year that they would be replacing it’s ice cream machines after years of complaints from customers.

In “Holdin’ It Down,” Wendy’s takes down Burger King with the lyrics, “They love Wendy’s ’cause everything is so quality / Can’t be no king, yo’ burgers ain’t the finest thing / I can’t believe you peasants have the audacity,” as well as, “The problem is you didn’t recognize I give no clucks / So wrap it up, turn these chickens to rubber ducks / And BK, don’t think that you got away / You copied my old menu and put it out on replay.”
I am literally in tears, this is the best thing to happen in fast food history. Bravo Wendy’s. The full EP is now available for you to listen on repeat through Spotify.

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