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Meditation is the opposite of doing nothing


By Najd Ayari

Some people think that meditation is simply sitting there quietly and doing nothing, and they also think that it only works when they’re relaxed and not busy.

But in reality it’s the exact opposite of that. Meditation is actually doing something (not physically), and the more things you have on your plate, the more a person can benefit from meditation.

I asked my friends and family what they know about meditation, and I was surprised to learn that most of them think that it’s a great practice but they never do it, and mostly because they don’t know how.

I’m not trying to throw another hopeless attempt to slow down people’s life into a society that praises success and getting more things achieved as fast as possible instead of doing less  with a better quality. Instead I want to share something easy that I do that helps me be more effective.

Now, we’re approaching the end of this semester, with a lot of deadlines and exams to prepare for it’s hard to find time to breathe and enjoy the day.

The illusion of having no time can be very stressful, but in reality there is plenty of time in our schedules and no matter how fast our day is moving, there is always a place of stillness within.

Three to five minutes of being still is enough to clarify our thoughts.  It can allow clarity to arise from stillness in the same way that confusion arises from chaos. So whenever you feel confused and stressed with everything going on your life, think about looking for some peaceful minutes to shift your focus.
There are a lot of ways to meditate, one can listen to nature sounds like ocean waves, and wind. listen to soft music (piano, violin, acoustic guitar…) or even be in complete silence.

My phone is one big distraction, so I use it as my meditation tool. There are plenty of free meditation apps, the one that I use is called ‘‘headspace’’. The app gives easy steps to follow while making sure to block notifications and everything distracting for a couple of minutes while I’m meditating.

Also fixing meditation time in my schedule helped me maintain doing it everyday, It’s most needed before I start doing something that needs a lot of focus like doing homework.

I figured that the fight against technology is a losing battle, because we are developing everyday and we can’t stop it. Instead we need to shift our focus to finding ways to implement healthy practices in the technology-filled life.

Good luck on exams, students!