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App Tuesday – Get rewarded for going to class with this week’s app

Pocket Points app logo.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Gosh, I wish I could get paid to go to school,” like this reporter has at least once a week since 2010, then look no further than this week’s featured app, Pocket Points.

Pocket Points is a productivity app with a twist. Users rack up points each time they’re on campus and off their phones. So, once you’re in class and want a distraction-free session, use the timer in the app and start accumulating points. For every 20 minutes users accumulate one point. You can choose how long to set the timer in the app – anywhere from 20 minutes to 12 hours – then when the time is up you’ll find you have accumulated points. The points are the best part of the app because the more points you have, the sweeter the reward. You can redeem points for different discounts or gift cards from participating retailers through the app. The points offer special deals on clothing items, sunglasses, school books, pet supplies or just about anything else you can think of; they even offer a Piñatagram to send to someone at a discounted price for as little as five points. Just for downloading the app, I received 30 points and receive five points every day I open the app.

The app is expanding their points system and will soon feature a friends and family option where users can earn points while interacting with family (now there’s a million-dollar idea), a work out option where users can earn points while at the gym or on a walk and a driving option to give users an extra incentive to drive without the uber distraction that is our phone.

We’ve featured other productivity apps on App Tuesday before (see the Forest app from Feb. 6) and rewards apps (see the UNiDAYS app from April 24), but Pocket Points seems to merge these two apps together to give college students the ultimate experience in productivity and rewards.

Pocket Points has partnered with over 100 colleges and universities, and Grand Rapids Community College is one of them. The app is free to download on iOS and Android devices.

Do you use Pocket Points? Do you have a great app we should feature on App Tuesday? Let us know in the comments!