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This week’s featured app is Forest by Seektech. Forest helps users stay focused, and what college student doesn’t need that?

The concept of Forest is easy: Plant a virtual tree when something other than your phone needs your attention. Set a timer for the task that needs to be done and don’t do anything with your phone for the remainder of the time. If you use your phone during that time your tree will die, but if you can resist checking social media for more than a few minutes you’ll be rewarded with a lush tree. The more you use the app and stay focused the more trees will grow in your forest.

Forest can be downloaded on Apple devices for $1.99 and on Android devices for free.

If you’re an Apple user and have blown your app budget on Minecraft Coins this month you can download Forest’s generic version, Flora by AppFinca, Inc. Flora has just about the same features as Forest and costs a whopping $0 to download. Although the graphics are inferior and users can’t create an entire forest of productivity, it’s a cheap alternative that allows Apple users to concentrate without spending money.

Have you tried this app? Did you find it helpful? What other apps have you found helpful? Tell us in the comments!