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Police Reports May 2018

Campus police headquarters, located at 25 Lyon St. Grand Rapids, Michigan. (The Collegiate)

Hit and run incident in Bostwick Ramp, offender not found

At approximately 5:30 p.m. on May 17, a Grand Rapids Community College Police Department officer was dispatched to the sixth level of the Bostwick Ramp regarding a property damage report.

Upon arrival, the GRCC officer met with the student who reported damage to their car, a silver SUV, on the right side of the front bumper. The student reported they parked their car in the ramp around 1 p.m. until approximately 5 p.m. When they returned, they noticed the damage to the car.

The student believed the car parked next to theirs was responsible for the damage. Upon inspection, the officer on the scene determined the height of the damage on the victim’s car did not match any damage that could have been done by the car parked next to it.

The officer took photos of the damage to the victim’s car and provided them with a report number of the incident for insurance purposes.

GRCCPD assists Grand Rapids City DASH bus with distressed passenger

At 11:06 a.m. on May 17, a GRCC police officer noticed a stopped Grand Rapids City DASH bus on the intersection of Ottawa Avenue and Pearl Street. Prior to entering the bus, the officer noticed a DASH supervisory vehicle making its way to the bus.

The officer spoke to the bus supervisor about the stopped bus. The bus supervisor explained there was a female passenger on the bus who experienced a seizure. The officer quickly responded by contacting the Grand Rapids Police Department and medical response.

While waiting for GRPD and the medical team, the GRCC police officer spoke with the passenger who was conscious and alert. The passenger refused medical treatment and relayed to the officer, the bus supervisor and the bus driver that her only concern was continuing her commute.

The DASH bus driver reported to the officer the passenger suffered four or five seizures on the bus before the bus stopped. The victim explained to the officer that she was prone to seizures and only wanted to be on her way. While the officer spoke to the passenger, she suffered two more seizures and requested to lie down. The officer and bus supervisor assisted the passenger to the floor and placed her on her side to prevent choking from further seizures.

Shortly after, the Grand Rapids Fire Department and the American Medical Response team arrived to escort the passenger to Spectrum Butterworth Hospital for observation and treatment.

Before leaving the scene, the GRCC police officer discovered the victim had an outstanding warrant for her arrest in Michigan and reported it to the Grand Rapids Police Department. While GRPD did not respond to the scene, they were informed of the finding.

GRCCPD traffic stop leads to warrant arrest by DeVos Campus

At 7:16 p.m. on May 10, a GRCC police officer initiated a traffic stop of a black four-door vehicle with an inoperable driver’s side brake light. The officer first saw the vehicle as it exited the DeVos Campus parking lot with the inoperable light and improper placement of the license plate, as it sat in the rear side window instead of in the license plate holder on the rear bumper of the vehicle.

As the officer approached the vehicle on Fountain Street, the vehicle sped up at a high speed and did not stop until reaching the College Avenue and Fountain Street intersection where the officer initiated the traffic stop. The female driver and a female passenger, the driver’s sister, were in the vehicle.

The officer spoke to the driver of the vehicle about the inoperable light and misplaced license plate. The driver explained that she was not aware of the light and that her mother was working on getting her screws to properly display the license plate.

After speaking to the driver, the officer asked for her driver’s license. The driver could not provide it, so the officer verbally identified her and ran her information through the National Crime Information Center. The report returned that the driver had an outstanding warrant for her arrest out of the Wyoming Police Department for Contempt of Court/Failure to Pay and a probation order out of Wyoming District Court.

After the officer confirmed the warrant with WPD, she placed the driver under arrest and in the police car to be taken to the GRCCPD. The officer explained to the driver and her passenger the bond procedure. Shortly after the offender’s mother arrived at GRCCPD with the $550 bond.

The driver was issued a citation for driving without a license and a court date to appear in Wyoming District Court on May 23.

Trespassing in the Main Building

At 7:27 a.m. on May 10, a GRCC police officer encountered two homeless men in the Main Building’s G2 men’s restroom.

The officer called GRCCPD for backup and asked to speak to the two men after they were finished using the facilities. The officer recognized one of the men from a trespassing incident on April 27, and informed him this was his second verbal warning to refrain from trespassing; the third would lead to an arrest.

The officer advised the men to leave the building and were given a verbal warning to not return after each was cleared through the Law Enforcement Information Network as not having any active warrants.

Disturbance call at Sneden Hall

At approximately 3:20 p.m. on May 9, two GRCC police officers were dispatched to Sneden Hall after receiving a call regarding a disturbance on campus.

Upon arrival, the officers did not encounter a disturbance anywhere near the main entrance or the first floor of the building. The officers waited for a few minutes to secure the safety of the building. As they were leaving, they were confronted by the student who made the initial call to GRCCPD.

The complainant pointed the officers to the two subjects whom he had called about. He informed the officers one of the subjects was not a GRCC student and took a piece of candy from a desk facing the elevator on the first floor.

The officers approached the two men and explained why they were dispatched to the area. One of the subjects explained he was on campus, though was not a student, because he gets a ride from the other subject, a Union High School student taking a class at Sneden Hall. The officer asked about the candy to which the subject responded that he believed the candy was for anyone to take, but he returned the candy after being confronted by the student who made the call to GRCCPD.

The two subjects became nervous and asked the officers if this incident would reflect badly on their attendance at GRCC. The officers informed the men they could continue using the building for the reasons they mentioned. A short time later one of the subject’s mother arrived to pick up the two men.


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