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Potterheads make another successful Harry Potter in the Park event in Sparta

A posted flyer seeking Harry Potter at the Harry Potter in the Park event on Sat., June 23, 2018 in Sparta, Michigan. (Tara Woods/The Collegiate)

By Tara Woods


This year’s festivities were above and beyond on Saturday in Sparta during the Potter in the Park festival.

The events kicked off with the Triwizard Food Truck Tournament where food trucks were sorted into the respective houses and competed for the Triwizard Trophy. Whoever made the most profit during the event won the cup. Each food truck went all out, crafting special Harry Potter themed menus for fans to enjoy. Some of my favorites were the Golden Snitch (coconut rum) popsicle, Hagrid’s Maple Bacon doughnuts and Quidditch Strips (gluten-free chicken strips).

At the end of the day, Gryffindor came out victorious with the team of food trucks: Fire and Rice, Doughnuts, Silver Star Cafe and Pig Out on the Fly.

The rest of the event was entry with tickets only, and those who bought them online ahead of time were able to get in the doors a half and hour earlier than those who bought them at the event. At 2:30 the doors opened and started letting the crowds in for the festivities. A variety of booths were set up all over the park for people to shop and grab all of their magical gear including wands, brooms, cup cozies, books, hats, scarves, anything you would need to defeat a Dark Lord.

The area was, of course, decorated with Bellatrix and Potter ‘WANTED” signs as well as other magical paraphernalia. They had an old shoe portkey along with a “Triwizard Maze Hunt.”

The event ran until 8:30 p.m. and included no shortage of things to do and see, including a petting zoo, transfiguration classes, a costume contest, character parades, an actual Hogwarts Express train ride for the kiddies and more.

Overall, the event was a magical affair for anyone who knows anything about the world of Harry Potter. I solemnly swear, it was really good.

Did you attend the event? Do you want to go next year? Let us know down in the comments.